Our skilled land drilling team, engineers and geotechnical experts carry out ground investigations for clients across the UK. Together with our accredited testing laboratory we offer a full suite of drilling, sampling, and testing services to determine the ground characteristics of your site.

With extensive geotechnical and environmental expertise we can provide you with factual and/or interpretative reports to support your project.

Techniques we use:

Land Drilling and Exploration

  • Cable Percussive Boreholes
  • Dynamic /Window Sampling
  • Rotary Boreholes
  • Trial Pitting
  • Dynamic Probing
  • Cone Penetrometer Testing
  • Restricted Access Capability
  • Over Water Capability
  • Rail Capability

In-situ Testing

  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Borehole Shear Vane
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
  • Soakaway Infiltration Testing